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Asher McDougal (Almost) Saves the World

It takes a good spy to catch a villain, but it takes a second-grade spy to catch a principal.

Asher McDougal, a hyper-imaginative eight-year old, is convinced his new principal is secretly the bad guy from his favorite spy movie. Since no one believes him, Asher, accompanied by his two best friends, adopts the role of a “super-secret spy.” Using his new spy skills (the best of which is most certainly “the elephant of surprise”), Asher attempts to sneak into the principal’s office, collect incriminating evidence, and prove his theory without getting caught – all before lunch time.

© 2017 Robyn Field


Excerpt from my middle-grade work-in-progress:

The lights were pretty dim, so Reagan couldn’t see a lot at first.

But one thing she could tell: there was most certainly a DJ in the oversized foyer.

A big, black table had white letters spelling out “DJ STEVE,” and a disco ball hung from the ceiling.

Reagan coughed as she took in her surroundings.

Apparently DJ Steve liked to use fog machines.

© 2017 Robyn Field