Kids’ Summer Activities

It’s finally here…

…sound the trumpets…

…turn off the alarm…

…grab an iced tea…

…it’s SUMMER!

[[ Summer: time to slow down, time to play, time to enjoy, time to eat more fruit & ice cream than should be humanly possible.]]


For all you moms/babysitters/nannies, it’s an adventurous time.

[[ It’s also a time when, more often than not, “I’m bored” can happen to even the most active children by day 3. ]]


“Summer Bucket List” to the rescue! (Thanks, Pinterest!)

The bucket list is a great option to pull out on the rainy days or on the days when tossing a ball and playing in the yard gets a little dry.

I’ve compiled my own list for my own little friends, and you are more than welcome to it by clicking here: Summer Bucket List.

Now, go sip that tea and enjoy your kiddos