Hey there! I’m Robyn.

Here’s the professional (slightly boring) “About Me” stuff:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Two years’ teaching experience
  • Author of two books
  • Blogger
  • Trained in Common Core curriculum, Daily 5 reading program, Lucy Calkins writing program
  • Member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators)


Great! Now, here’s the fun “About Me” stuff:

The first time I laughed out loud at a chapter book was in first grade. I haven’t stopped reading and writing since.

After two years of teaching elementary school and admittedly spending WAY too much time reading with the kids (I just couldn’t stop. I absolutely couldn’t.) I decided to teach them differently.

Now, I write books for kids & I teach them to write books for themselves. (There’s nothing better in this whole, beautiful world than spreading the joy of reading!)

My job is simply, profoundly this: to gift young readers with good books & a passion for creativity.

If you are interested in a creative writing workshop for your students (grades 3-5 or 6-8), please find more information here.

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