Book Recommendation: Young Adult

A Troubled Peace

By: L.M. Elliot


Before I go into the book, let me preface it by letting you know A Troubled Peace is the sequel to Under a War-Torn Sky. Both are excellent books – published some time ago, and very much worth the read.

I read Under a War-Torn Sky at least ten years ago (AKA, I had forgotten pretty much every detail of the original book when I found its sequel at a library sale), but Elliot expertly clues the reader in on exactly what they need to know while reading the sequel. She’s brilliant, I’ve decided.


A Troubled Peace is absolutely fascinating, stunningly historically accurate, and still fresh. The main character, an American pilot named Henry Forester, has just returned home from WWII after escaping the Gestapo (this was the plot of Under a War-Torn Sky). Now, just as the war is days from ending, Henry can’t get on with life until he returns to Europe to make sure those who risked their lives helping him are safe.

Many books are written about the war itself, but this book dives into the end of the war, the devastation of the aftermath, and the bravery, resiliency, and complications of rebuilding a country. I loved every page. To be sure, this is a YA book about war – there is language and as well as references to graphic violence against innocent people. One thing I can’t stand is violence for the sake of being edgy. This is not that. Montgomery accurately and poignantly teaches the reader the truth of the horrors of WWII in a way that still sheds hope on those who stand for justice no matter how dire the circumstances.

This is a great, great read.

Who will love this book: Any teen who loves action/historical fiction.

Happy Reading!

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