Book Review – Middle Grade

Book Review

Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

By: Liz Kessler


Liz Kessler is one of my favorite middle-grade authors, since she writes about my two favorite things: middle school and a little bit of magic.

This book is no different, and we have the privilege of following around middle-schooler Jessica Jenkins, who discovers in the first chapter she has a pretty special power. (I mean, come on! Being invisible – being a fly on the wall – is something us girls have always dreamed about doing. Think of all the information we could hear if people didn’t know we were around!)

Who will love this book: Readers of Lauren Myracle’s Wishing Day

jessica jenkins
photo from Amazon


The possibilities with this plotline are endless. It’s a fun, quick read. My only critique is that some of the scientific explanations for why the magical powers exist get a little heady. Plus, let’s be real: to me, magic is way more fun than science.

Still, it’s a great read, and perfect for your middle-grade reader who loves anything in the magical realism genre.

Happy Reading!

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