Letter Hide-and-go-Seek: a game for your littles

Nothing compares to the excitement of learning to read!

Usually, kids start retaining letter and word knowledge around ages 4 or 5, which also means they’re at the age where sitting still for long periods of time is impossible.

Enter learning games!

As a former first-grade teacher, I’d say half of my school day was comprised of learning games as well as opportunities for students to move around the room.

If you’re teaching your child letter names and sounds, here is a fun at-home game you can play which allows for plenty of movement:


Letter Hide-and-go-Seek


1. Pick only 1 – 5 letters to work with in one game session. (Kids learn best through repetition!)

                Make those letters tangible. (Make letter cards using cut-up index cards or buy letter blocks).

Photo by Danielle Hulsey

2. Have your child count to 20 as you hide the letters either in a cluster or spread out around the room. (This will differ depending on how hard you want to make it to find the letters.)

3. Once your child has found the letters, have him/her tell you the name of the letter(s) and/or the letter sounds. If you’re playing for points, once he/she has given all the correct information, a point is awarded!

4. Next, YOU must be the one to count while your child hides the letters. (Clearly, you don’t need the practice, but the kiddos sure do love watching you play their game!)

5. Once you find the letters, go through the same routine: Name the letter and/or its sound. Believe it or not, your child will absorb the information even then because you’re learning it together.

6. Repeat! Once those letters become easy, pick 1-5 different letters and start a new round.

Go play, and have fun!

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