3 Easy & Practical Ways to Increase Productivity (and fully enjoy your day!)

As a writer, setting my own hours and maximizing productivity can be a challenging puzzle to piece together. Since moving to a full-time writing job, I’ve experimented with different ways to get “the most” out of my work day.

And what I’ve discovered is that the following three (easy!) tasks not only make me more productive, but they make my day in general MUCH more enjoyable.

What’s more, these three suggestions aren’t just for writers – they can apply to many differenttypes of days, whether it’s a stay-at-home mom type of day or a 9-5-in-my-cubicle type of day.

image1 (3).PNG

Try them! I double-dog dare you:

  1. Go outside! Even if for a 10 minute walk. Being outside (and moving around!) does wondersfor your attitude. On past rainy days, I may or may not have been spotted walking in place while watching Lady Mary run Downton Abbey just to rack up points on my fitbit…just sayin’.

And if you have the flexibility, try working in 45-50 minute blocks, then take 10-15 minute breaks in between. You might even go crazy and take an actual walk outside on a break! You’ll love it.


  1. Swallow the frog first. In other words, do the hardest task first thing. Whether that hardest task is emptying the diaper pail, sitting down to write a particularly difficult chapter, doing your least favorite chore, or documenting yesterday’s hours, do it first! Everything elseflows so much easier after the completion of a difficult task early on.Photo-Dec-29.jpeg
  2. Finish the day (after work) with something you love doing. It could be reading, playing video games, working on a puzzlecoloring, searching for fun interior design ideas..anything that you truly enjoy doing. Finishing the day with enjoyment makes starting the next day a little more motivating for me, because I know I’ll be rewarded at the end.

Side note: social media doesn’t count. I would be willing to bet that scrolling your Instagram or Facebook feed isn’t what truly relaxes you and makes you happyGet more creative than that!

Now, go do all those things you need to do! And enjoy the process 🙂

Photos by Stephanie Leight

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