Asher McDougal AND Reagan Pebble [[update 4/11]]

Hello friends, readers, and mom & dad! (just kidding. Sorta. hey mom & dad!)

I realized it had been wayyyy too long since I’ve posted book updates when I checked my website and it said DECEMBER. [insert shocked emoji here]


But, hey. It’s only because I’ve been working so ridiculously hard on this new novel that very little else has had quite as much of my brain space lately. That’s a good thing! I think.

So now, instead of having only an Asher McDougal update, you’ll also need to read REAGAN PEBBLE updates! She’s just as cool as Asher, but in her own 13 year-old girl way. I love her. A lot. She’s super honest and sensitive and she’s way too much fun to write into her own book.

photo by stephanie leight

So, first: Asher update. Asher is still sitting pretty with an agent! (I know. Publishing time-frames. Just let it happen.) Basically, he (and I) are still being considered by a pretty sweet agent. TBD on that one…eeep!

Also, side note: a few chapters of Asher were requested from another pretty sweet agent via Twitter. That’s right, folks. Grandma Robyn finally had to get a Twitter. And, hey! It worked out.

Next, Reagan Pebble Update! (eeep!) Can you tell I’m excited? Or maybe it’s just that I’ve been chilling with my cats all day. Or both.

My MC, Reagan, is in the seventh grade. She wants what we all want when we’re 13: to be noticed, to be special, to be appreciated for who we are and not just for who peers think we should be. Something magical happens (that I won’t give away yet) and Reagan is forced to make a super difficult, life-changing decision.

It’s been the bomb dot com writing her manuscript. It’s also been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do as an author thus far. Going from 7,000 word chapter books to 55,000 word novels is NO JOKE.

Cue the Ben and Jerry’s.

work scene
photo by stephanie leight

But really. It’s been an incredible and stretching phase of work. I’m 40,000 words in, and am set to be finished with the rough draft by June 1st. (At least, as of now, that’s my goal!) This means I’ll most likely be done with revisions and editing by fall.


Also, I’m going to my very first writer’s conference in May! I’m excited and nervous to take this necessary step. Being surrounded by hundreds of people is a very different than being surrounded by two cats.

I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading, and I’m excited to keep you guys updated!



Reagan Pebble © 2017 Robyn Field

Asher McDougal © 2017 Robyn Field

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