Asher McDougal [[update 12/8]]

Hi friends…happy December! 

Asher is doing great. After receiving some helpful feedback from a stellar agent (seriously – the fact that she took the time to consider how to make my manuscript better is crazy nice, especially since she has no obligation to work with me in the end), I made some changes and sent the manuscript back to see what she thinks. No matter what happens with this, I’m so grateful for even that bit of feedback.

Asher, you rock.


In the meantime, I’m working on the rough draft of my next book  (unrelated to Asher) about a 13 year-old girl named Reagan, who oozes every bit of middle school awkwardness that 13 year-old Robyn did…only this girl is way cooler – because she has a special secret that I didn’t have… ©2016 Robyn Field 

 That’s all I can tell you about Reagan for now…teasers are too much fun!! 😉 

Happy Holidays!



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