Asher McDougal [[update 9/22 ]]

Hi friends!

Ooooh…Lord of the Rings music just came on my Spotify radio. Winning.

Other than that, very exciting progress with my fave little buddy Asher McDougal! After I revised my Asher McDougal (Almost) Saves the World manuscript, query letter, and synopsis, I sent out a few more queries to see how this particular pitch would be received.

It was received quite well!

I’m still waiting to hear back from each query letter (which is certainly not a bad thing) – except for one!

One of the rock star agents on my possibilities list responded (well, his very sweet assistant responded) that they enjoyed my query and sample and would like to read the whole manuscript.

I yelped. I cried. I ate chocolate. I did a happy dance. I ate more chocolate.

This was great news. dsc_2694

After about a week and a half of very kind, personal, and professional communication with this agent’s assistant, she informed me that subjectively they simply couldn’t quite connect with this particular manuscript, but that they very much enjoyed my writing and would be happy to read another manuscript of mine.

Cha-ching! Also great news.

Of course, at first I was very disappointed (commence more chocolate consumption), as I admire this agent and would have loved to work with him on this project. My writers’ critique group quickly reminded me that agents don’t have the time or inbox space to ask for future writing from most people, so I should be highly encouraged by this rather than disappointed.

And I am. Very much so.

In the meantime, I’ve got Asher book 2 in the outlining process, and I’m spending LOTS of time “interviewing” and developing my new female protagonist for the MG (middle grade) novel I’m working on as well. (The fun part!!)

So cheers to encouragement, waiting on query responses, working on new projects, and of course – cheers to my BFFL named coffee.

P.S. – Bourne Identity music just came on after Lord of the Rings music finished. I now feel like a spy instead of a hobbit. Time for more chocolate, I think.

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