Asher McDougal [[ update 6/30 ]]

Revision time…again!

I started the official querying process for Asher McDougal about a month ago. After lots and lots and LOTS of research, I picked a few literary agents who each sounded like a great fit for me as a writer and for Asher as a rambunctious first grader.

After querying to those agents, I started two new projects: a new Asher McDougal book, as well as the early sketch for a middle grade novel (for ages 8-12) starring a female protagonist. I’m still in the process of outlining this new character’s personality, background, and quirks – but I already like her!


Realistically, I’ve heard back from three agents who all gave very polite “no’s,” which is to be expected. Undeterred and determined (because that’s truly the name of the game), I took another look at my manuscript. And I decided it needs another revision.

Since then, I’ve been working on revisions primarily focused on “starting the story in the right place.” Revisions can get tedious, but these revisions have actually been quite enjoyable – I can tell the manuscript is shaping up to be the very best it can be, which is exciting.

I can also see why Asher McDougal received “no’s” right off the bat. Total transparency: the manuscript simply wasn’t ready yet.

But the good news? It’ll be reintroduced soon as an even better piece of kidlit!

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