Asher McDougal [[update 5/24]]

Asher McDougal Saves the World is ready for a home! This means:

  • The query letter (think – book jacket blurb & a written handshake for publishing professionals) was sent away to a wonderful editor and was critiqued. After the necessary revisions and editing, it’s finally ready.DSC_5305
  • The synopsis (a two-page summary of the book) has also been critiqued, revised, and edited – it’s ready, too.
  • The manuscript, of course, has been finished for some time. (But only after the same yet MUCH lengthier process as described above: the manuscript was critiqued, revised about a trillion times – super necessary! – and then edited.)

Now I’m in the process of researching options for Asher. It’s been fun learning about different literary agents and their likes/dislikes, and with each hour of research I become even more excited to see where my quirky seven year-old character will land.

Hardest part about right now? Patience. Lots of patience!

The fun part about right now? Continuing new projects, and of course, simply being a writer. 


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