Asher McDougal [[update 4/20]]

Friends & Readers!

I’m even more excited about Asher than I am about Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream and graham cracker crumbles on top. Plus a cherry.

A lot of excitement over here! Here’s the latest:DSC_5305

The manuscript is finished, and I smile a little every time I sit down at the computer because of that fact. I love Asher’s adventure in this book. If only I’d had the guts (or complete lack of inhibition) to do what he does in first grade…

The query letter – used for pitching the manuscript to agents and publishers – is very well near done. I love this part, too. Think: book jacket cover. A little teaser of the plot.

The synopsis – a complete summary of the book – is underway. Under construction. This is admittedly the most challenging part of putting a book submission together, but it’s worth it. Because an agent can tell whether or not the plot’s rich enough through the whole story before even touching the manuscript itself.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for believing in Asher. He’ll make you proud. He’ll make you laugh. And most importantly, he’ll teach you how to outwit the principal using only grape jellybeans.